Voice Modes and Paranmeters for different "sections" of a song.

Is it possible for the same voice to have different parameters for different sections of the same song. For instance, have the song begin breathy and soft, but finish with high tension and belting? Or for verses to be soft and choruses more loud, for example?


Yes, the parameter values are controlled by the curves in the Parameters panel (below the Piano Roll by default).

You can use this to control both the basic parameters like Breathiness as well as Vocal Modes.

For example, in this sequence I’ve automated Solaria’s breathiness and “Light” vocal mode over the duration of a simple phrase:

More information about editing parameter curves here:

If you don’t see the Parameters panel, it might have been minimized or closed. You can open a new panel with this button:


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Thanks Claire. Again, much appreaciated.