Journey Home - introspective original Natalie song

A introspective look at returning to one’s roots – with Natalie and a small orchestra. This one has a cinematic lyric video rather than the screen captures of the previous videos. Let me know which style you like better. Thanks for watching.


I prefer variety, even in the basics, and I prefer the interplay of singing with accompaniment, which can perhaps be used for a film or is written for a band and it doesn’t matter what they play (jazz, blues, rock, pop…). Your accompaniments are a diamond for singing, which confirms the relationship between singing and accompaniment, and the accompaniment creates a very suitable environment for beautiful elements of singing - for example, expression.

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Thanks, Guauzde. I try to put myself inside the singer or musician on the stage or studio - listening to each other and watching for timing cues, etc. I agree that building that connection between music and vocal is very important, especially to create realism.

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Very good. It has a cinematic quality.

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Thanks, Northwave :clapper: