Dance, feat, Solaria and Jun

Hi i’m Kenta from Sweden this is my first post here, and my first song Using Synthesizer v.
Please tell me if i’m doing something wrong, like posting on the wrong place or something :smile:
Hope you like it, and that i can meet some friends here.


Hej Kenta :smiley: :sweden:

Cool song! And even though its slightly OT, i love the stable diffusion(?) promting. That mustve taken you forever…!

Hi :slight_smile: i dont really understand what you mean with OT and stable diffusion promting, but nothing took long time to do…it was some words that i struggled with a bit to get Solaria to pronounce, Tror du att du kan förklara på Svenska :smile:

Hey, sorry, försöker hålla mig till forumspråk så jag inte exkluderar!

OT generally means “Off topic” and Stable diffusion is the program ive used myself to generate AI video clips with. I was referring to the music video to the song.

Maybe you generated these video clips with another tool, or found them somewhere else? I really haven’t managed to get deep enough into AI video generation to do something as well prompted like your video yet! My clips are mostly abstract and quite… freaky to be honest…!

Aha Yes of course we should write in English :slight_smile: i’m not often on forums so i don’t get it all times :smiley:
I use for my videos…sometimes i have to do like 3 and cut them together in Imovie. It is really fun and after a while you kind of learn how to write to make it good.
Thanks!.. will check out your stuff too
Regards Kenta

Thanks for the tip! Have you made any more songs yet?

not with only Ai, think i did some choirs on My Elderbone page
can’t remember which song…but probably the latest one… :slight_smile:

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A song made with the feeling of a musician…

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Oh thanks :heart_eyes: but i see myself more of a songwriter than musician, my main instrument is guitar, but this kind of music i think is easier to mix and master.
So right now i’m in a synthbased period :blush:

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