Midi keyboard into standalone Pro version.


When I use SV within Logic I have no trouble playing my external midi keyboard and getting the notes into SV.

However I cannot get the standalone version to recognise external midi signals.

I know there are workarounds, but it is a bit frustrating. Obviously missing a simple trick here.


I have SV in standalone and use a std keyboard usb controller (keystation)
At first I had same trouble, but its a matter of setting your KB in settings panel Audio/midi input device
Then be sure that you dont have any other apps using the kb midi i/p - close them. Then as with such devices you have to restart SV and often unplug and plug usb lead. such is life.
It should work - it did for me after this faff.
Remember SV is monophonic, so only 1 note at a time and you wont get any expression eg touch sensitivity (velocity) and start the metronome as well.
Musically I find it restrictive as you have to start record and keep up with the cursor as its running.
IMHO you might be better off with Musescore , it will export midi - you cant edit midi in musescore.
I have Dorico in Cubase but dont know how it compares

What SV really needs is an and indicator showing that midi is receiving (std for daws)

Wow, faff is definitely the right word.

How could they make it so complex when SV generally shows they are so technically capable?

As I say it works fine inside Logic. I had thought, against all hope, that I could copy and paste from the Logic version to the standalone, but no such luck. Either I’ll try your suggestions or just export stuff from Logic and import into Standalone. It’s a bit like something out of the ice age when you consider what they CAN do.

Thanks anyway … I’ll give it a whirl when I have a spare 2 days!!


You won’t believe this …

I’ve just gone into Settings in SV and lo and behold there is a Midi Input section!
I just pressed ‘Digital keyboard port 1’ and VIOLA!

What am I? ( apart from a bit thick)


VIOLA - a stringed instrument or a wilful young Lithuanian Housemaid ? How is either one a keyboard input?

My schoolboy French for … There 'tis!
Don my chapeau and onion rings … et viola !!

Not sure about the kinky Lithuanian escort website option.

… or even voila !!