Print key commands?


Goodness me … busy morning for me on the forum!

Is there any way to print out the key command please?
For my (older) eyes the print on the screen is sometimes VERY hard to see.


Have you tried using the Windows Magnifier (Win (next to Ctrl) key and + key)
there’s another version like a roving magnifying glass

I’m using a Mac

I’m kind of confused on what your asking, Could you elaborate please?

In the SETTINGS section on the right,at the bottom, is a scrolling list of key commands which is very, very small and difficult to read.

If I was able to print these off as a reference sheet, that would be useful.

I find it hard to remember things !!

Pay attention at the back

Thanks Robin …
the problem is I have had to disengage the general Apple magnifier to get a zoom in/out facility in Logic.

Looks like they conflict … can’t have both at the same time. Rats.

I have just paid for, and tried, an app from the Apple store called ‘Desktop Lens’.
£1.99 NOT well spent … but what did I expect?

So, still looking for an Apple magnifying glass somewhere.


You’re right … I DO need to pay more attention, but at 78 they grey cells are diminishing fast!
(Wonder how long I can keep using the old age excuse?)

The wondrous magnification was initiated by a HOVER option in Setting/Accessibility.

Thanks again.

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Have you tried the option “Interface Scaling”? You find it in the SETTINGS section on the right, at the top.

STILL looking for a way to print key commands,
Or read a printed list.
Anyone please?

I could specifically need one button to switch between note insert tool and edit tool (along with their linked bits … whatever they are called.)

Can I set my own commands??

…. That is can Synth V learn, like Logic for instance?

I’ve added a page to the unofficial user manual with a list of default keybinds. There are more keybindable functions in the software, but they don’t have a key assigned to them by default (you can do so via the bottom of the Settings panel).

As usual, let me know if you spot any mistakes or issues. I think I got the Mac ones right (in that ctrlcmd and altoption) but I don’t have a Mac to actually confirm.

If the webpage doesn’t print nicely, it looks like the table is mostly on page 150 of the PDF version, but bleeds over into page 151 as well (Release Offline Version · claire-west/svstudio-manual · GitHub). The PDF is automatically generated each time I update the website, so there’s not much fine-tuning I can do when it comes to the layout of it.