(SOLARIA original song) Dust & Bloom - Made By Machines

Hey! I’m from Sweden and started using SynthV about 3 months ago. I don’t think many Swedes know about this software here yet so it felt exciting to be early adopter here. I discovered Synthesizer V by accident after buying a microphone to record myself and realising i REALLY can’t sing … I needed an alternative and I have lost all contacts with vocalists I used in the past. So I found this and was blown away like everyone else here. I bought the studio version with Solaria and suddenly it totally removed all my creative barriers and I actually made a full album in just a couple of weeks. I was always so bad at playing piano so I had to program midi directly in my DAW’s to make melodies. Thankfully, having practiced that a lot over the years made it easy to get into SynthV midi-to-voice programming really fast :slight_smile:

I wanted to share the first released song of the album as a tribute to this technology. Sorry if it’s all a bit cliché. I guess I’m like all those people discovering AI for the first time and having to make blunt statements like “look, this is AI”… But its a song, and I like it! :smiley:


If you actually really like it, I released it on other streaming platforms as well.


Great song! and very good singing :slight_smile: will check out more


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Btw, I like the name ‘Made by Machines’ :slight_smile: Even though it’s not completely true because you are generating the ideas :wink:

Glad you found Synth V – it certainly opens up great possibilities!


So you’re assuming I’m human!?!? :joy::joy:

Thanks! I also loosely imagined some double meanings, like interpreting “machine” as a projected construct. Like how one want their crush to really be they way they are in one’s fantasy, which rarely translates in real life :grimacing:. Same way, machine could be translated into the state of the world and the different simplified truths we all believe in from our individual perspectives. But ultimately I didn’t “mean” anything really, I leave it to each to find their own meaning, like how every pop song is about me when I’m down and low :joy:


Great energetic track. Interesting that you lowered the “gender” parameter to make Solaria sound more ‘machine’.

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Thanks! I classically trick-added a -12 track with some reduced volume as well for some extra depth on the lead like I used to when I have human vocals in the past. But the reduced gender was more of a taste thing because I saw some YouTube guide that suggested it and I thought gender 0 was a bit to bright for the genre.

I’m impressed bu the spotting though! Kudos for noticing and I’m happy that you cared enough to analyze it! :slight_smile:

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@DustAndBloom Very impressed and yet you confess to being an SV Noob and the only one in Sweden haha. Im also surpised SV hasnt hit the fan yet?
Keep up creating and posting here. BTW any reactions from other platforms. On YTM I cant see how many plays/likes etc you got?

I learned quite fast I wasn’t the only Swede here :joy: at least we are two!

I’m happy that you like it, but I don’t think I’m particularly skilled as such in editing voices in SynthV. I just use Solaria for tracks and genres it is naturally good for, and that gives good and easy results. I saw someone tweaking the voices for a Jazz song. that must take infinity to program and probably way above my ability.

Secondly I have a lot for free since I’ve programmed midi for 20 years rather than play on keyboard. I can “see” rhythms in midi boxes so it’s thankfully it’s been easy for me to create the melodies I want. This tech just really fit me like a glove in that sense.

Finally, I’ve still been recording normal singers for many years and I can write the choirs I want to make sounds full. I just applied all that theory to the digital voice as well.

As I said, I expect most people here to have a thorough history in music production to be able to even find this niche and definitely not in need of my lectures for anything, but if anyone for any reason wants to find out how I did something I’m happy to share :man_shrugging:t2:

Ps. I just started releasing songs with AI vocals, and it’s quite slow. I’m building a new brand and I expect
It to take quite some time. For now I just try to release this album I made in the most successful way possible. I’ll post the next track here in august :sweat_smile:

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We are somewhat alike, I also use most of the instruments as midi - in the form of virtual instruments via the Kontakt module in Studio One and background vocals via Kontakt and Opus (East-West). I use a Synthesizer V Pro for my stuff and I’m happy when a friend adds a live instrument. We are probably in agreement here, although we are dedicated to slightly different genres. The song is very beautiful and has expression and soul. To poke you a little, we would definitely disagree while watching the Sweden - Czech Republic hockey match. Attempting a joke…

Hey! My brother is the sports jock in the family so I think you would stir up more emotions with him for sports references :joy: but hockey is fun to watch, but I’m traveling right now so the chances of someone caring about anything Swedish where I am is quite low …

Personally, I rebuilt a lot of my studio for my latest project. I’m not super good with technology so I’m mostly software based and I like plugins that does a lot of the work for me. I work a lot with randomness and letting the machines shape sounds in ways I can’t manually recreate. This album this song is from is (apart from SynthV) based on The Phonoloop’s Tapes.01 and Le Gibet for Kontakt7, as well as Babyaudio’s BA-1 and a few sounds from Thorn. I have a bass guitar that I sample for certain tracks. Specially Tapes.01 I fell in love with instantly. That synth(sampler?) puts the finger on my entire musical philosophy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great song and hello from a fellow swede! :slight_smile:

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Hej! And thanks :pray:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very cool track and I love the low end in your mix too, solid! :ok_hand:

Incidentally, what code did you use for embedding from Soundcloud? Somehow I managed to screw it up on my post and ended up with a narrow little iframe aha :crazy_face:

Hey, thanks! I use multiple plugins in the master process from Mastering The Mix to control the low-end. Specifically Mixroom first, and Bassroom after. The visualizations are amazing for someone who is a bit on the lazy side with sound engineering (but still wanna do it himself…!) :smiley:

For the code, i think if you share the full soundcloud URL to the track, instead of short url, it works and transforms into a player instead. I had same issue when i posted this track initially but i used the short url then.

Ahh fab, they’ve added some new plugins since I last visited their site, might have to give those a go cheers for the info!

Beaut, that’s sorted it thanks!

Very well done, I love it :upside_down_face:

I follow you now on Spotify and hope to hear more in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! The Next single is released tomorrow actually :star: