(Feature request) Hotkey+drag midi-box to copy it


Just for context - I’m an Ableton Live user so apologies that this is potentially a very niched request that might not translate well to other DAW’s, but i used Logic back in the day and I like to remember there were something similar there as well at least:

I’d like to request a hotkey+drag to copy boxes function in some future update. Basically in Live i would use CTRL + Left-click and drag a midi-box in the timeline to copy it. I personally find this more intuitive than double clicking in pen mode to add a new box since it doesn’t always end up on the spot where i want it. I often find myself trying to do this and then moving the arrangement instead, resulting in it having to recalculate when i move it back :stuck_out_tongue:

If it would also play a piano key to give audio feedback to what tone you placed the new box at, it would also greatly improve my workflow in the program, instead of making midi somewhere else and importing it.

I’m quite new and haven’t explored all functions or read through the entite forum, so apologies if this function has been requested before or even already exist without my knowledge!