Fantasies and dancer - original-song

More than a year ago, I sang my song “Fantasia and Dancer” and put it on SoundCloud, but I didn’t like my singing, as usual, and I will sing it again in the future. Therefore, with the same basis, I let A.I sing. singers. In it, he sings 3x Solaria in three vocal modes mixed by me, and then he sang solo Asterian, where in the next verse Solaria 2 joined in the duet. Ninezero joins in half of each chorus. I will also add the text translated from Czech to English by DeepL:

Fantasies and dancer.

In the whirl of the dance they murmur,
out of passion for the rhythms,
so everything just - just spins to the rhythm of the muses,
how easy it is to read those beautiful lips.

You put laughter in her eyes,
in your mind you tempt sin with your imagination,
you draw her whole face,
a dancer for the calendar.

He twirls his little hat in his hands,
it’s not enough to hide your tummy,
but she’ll wink guiltily at you,
in her imagination, she’ll wrap you up.

The tone merges with the next tone,
Shadow and light pass each other by.
/: and a moment is but a whole night,
imagination has - magical powers. :confused:

Bare feet don’t make room,
they’ll let the tummy continue to circle
a green diamond shines on it,
you’re imaginatively trying out transformations.

Your head is spinning for wine,
and it’s the only thing you’re hanging your eyes on when she dance,
fantasy gave the dancer a face,
Today, once again, the halo is lost to you.

The tone merges with the next tone,
Shadow and light pass each other by.
/: and a moment is but a whole night,
imagination has - magical powers. :confused:


Hi, gauzde.
I’m definitely no expert on the language, and I probably have a bias towards female solos. But I liked Solaria in this version. I thought your singing sounded quite nice in the original.

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Thank you for rating Solaria and it is normal that an amateur singer himself does not like his singing and that he feels that he could do better. What I didn’t like about my singing is the lifelessness in the speech and the caution in the expression. I didn’t have enough time singing this song. It was meant to be sung out of time - I should have taken my time. Google translates it horribly for me…

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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I mean, I’m here, I love solaria… but honestly, your own version kicks the AI version out of the road :joy: this song is written for your voice way more than a soprano female singer. But that’s me :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m sorry to say this but this doesn’t work for me, Solaria is too high (grating) and Ninezero is way too low (rumbling) - there is a gulf between them. I have waited a couple of days to comment in case it was just my mood on the day but no, I still feel the same.
I wonder what the same song would sound like with Ritchy or Jun on lead and Solaria demoted to backing (if possible an octave down or maybe a fifth below where she is here???)

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I understand you and will try your suggestion with Jun which I have in full version. I only have the so-called lite version of Ritchy. I’ve had Synthesizer V Pro since the beginning of this year, so I’m still learning and It go slow with Solaria, I’m not a woman. I’m closer to Asterian - I have a similar range, but Eric Holaway is a much better singer than I am an amateur. I also fought with Ninezero for a long time and thought that I would want his fourth voice in the second half of the choruses, but a friend - a professional sound engineer edited it well for me that I left his there, only I thought about replacing by Kevin, who I also have. I can hear very deep bass very well, but it’s worse for me to hear above 10kH, so we probably have a different view of sound and if I left it fully up to my sound engineer friend, maybe it would start to suit you too. I’m glad for your quality feedback and I’ll try my best. But at my age we are already a bit slower - I am 72 years old. I have a desire for a female singer to sing the song, preferably in an alto position. So when I have the funds for Natalie and Cong Zheng, I’ll try them too. I still have Mai in reserve, I can try it now.

I just noticed that you must have mistaken Asterian for Ninezero. Actually Ninezero doesn’t have solo vocals, that’s Asterian. If I’m going to sing it live, I want it even lower and the other voices will be two guys without a fourth voice. Deeper tones make me feel better. I would definitely like to sing in the octave C1-B1, at least around the note A1.

Just gonna repeat that your original version is genuinely good and more enjoyable than the AI in this case. What about writing something with the AI in mind instead of redoing something you already perfected? I really think you’re cutting yourself short here. :v:t2:


I just listened to the version you did a year ago - I agree with @DustAndBloom, your voice works really well in this arrangement :+1:

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My wish is for a woman to sing it - a live singer. The song is about a calendar painter who, when he finished painting a belly dancer, fell in love with her. And that’s why his girlfriend (wife or great-great-grandmother) sings the song to him. Life is fun this way and I can smile at the world. Otherwise, I do not take your comments lightly and thank you for them.

But just out of curiosity, where am I going wrong? Plays of this song with A.I. singers there are now 510 plays and the song with my vocals has 125 plays…

I’m very happy with the number of plays :slight_smile:

I mean, that can be a million reasons, right?

  • it’s newer
  • it has “sung by AI” in the description
  • you maybe posted it to more places

Etc etc :grimacing:

As I said, I love solaria, it’s what I’ve been using myself. But as good as it is, it is generally limited to certain genres with energy where it gets too use its full power to sing out loud. This song is asking for a more intimate performance, and that’s what you deliver yourself.

If I was forced to use solaria on your song, I’d experiment with the airy and breath parameters, maybe even reduce the gender a little bit, to get it a bit more moody.

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Yes I posted in multiple places but both versions at the same time. For the version with A.I. singers, it took three days to add up, and for the version with my vocals, it took a whole year. Listenability is not decisive in these places. Listening on SoundCloud itself is directed mostly to the USA, Brazil and Indonesia. The Czech Republic, where I’m from, has 40 listens, and it’s the most from Europe. I will try to do what you suggest with Solaria, but I need time to be able to work optimally with the parameters.