Sound on Sound reviews Synth V

This is a post to inform you that Sound on Sound published an enthusiastic review of Synth V

Actually it was in the March Magazine, that has a web version that is uncovered some months later, in our case yesterday.
Owners of Synth V would be proud of reading it. It is also very informative for newcomers ,with links to youtube videos, mention of Praat etc. Synth V was at 1.8 at that time.


@carosone thnx 4 dat 10^6
Whatever Dreamtonics are doing with their AI‑based algorithms under the hood, it is very, very clever indeed.
Looks like we early adopters are the chosen tribe

the Adele cover link

and svp link Easy On Me.svp - Google ドライブ (voice track only) - you may want an audio grab to give melody context

That review is how I discovered Synth V, actually.
So glad I bought that magazine that month!