If not Kevin, who?


Claire said " … (like) Kevin that currently take a lot of retakes to get desirable results, or a lot of manual correction".

I bought Kevin with the Synth V Pro deal … should I have bought a different ‘male’ vocalist?
Are others better, or easier’ than good old Kevin?
(I don’t want to hurt his feelings)

I read news about the upcoming Saros which might put Kev in the shade.

Anything to make my life easier.


Since Ninezero and Ritchy are both style-specific vocals and Asterian is solidly in the bass range, Kevin and Jun (by Audiologie) are currently the only options for general-purpose, native-English masculine vocals.

Of course there are Japanese or Chinese alternatives using cross-lingual synthesis, but they all have a subtle accent when singing in English which might not fit the needs of all users.

My comment was more that Kevin’s automatically generated patterns often take the most iteration or manual correction compared to other voice databases. Some people have postulated that the original voice provider for Kevin might be a voice actor rather than a professional vocalist, because SynthV Studio is designed to mimic the singing style of the voice provider and people have observed that Kevin goes off-pitch more frequently than other voice databases.

Of course this is all subjective and not everyone will feel that way.

Sometimes people will work around this by “transplanting” the pitch patterns from one voice database onto another. They do this by generating the pitches with one voice selected, then they “lock” in the patterns by switching everything to Manual mode so they won’t be re-generated automatically, then they switch the voice to a second option.

Some people do this to get Kevin more on-pitch without the help of AutoTune or Melodyne, others will do it to get less vibrato-heavy patterns with Asterian.

There isn’t really a “bad” choice for masculine English voices, but with how versatile Solaria is, and considering Eclipsed Sounds tends to deliver the highest quality voice databases we’ve seen in the English market, a lot of people have high hopes that Saros will be the ideal tenor vocal to fill the gap between Solaria’s high-range and Asterian’s bass.


Thanks Claire.

Full and useful comments as usual.
Never thought of the ‘transplanting’ business.

Looks like I should be saving up for Saros as well as Yun Quan now!