Align Synth-v to wave file in host

I’ve made significant progress in learning how to use Synth-V and like it very much. That said, I still run into road blocks. The current one- I’ve added background SV vocals to an existing Cubase project. Whether working in Standalone or in the DAW I find it nearly impossible to precisely place the start and end of notes. In Cubase, when the project is playing, SV playhead cursor follows the DAW, but if I place the cursor in Cubase at the start of an audio note, in order to have a tight start with the SV voice, the cursor doesn’t follow, so I have to guess and the result is sloppy. Likewise, in standalone mode, I try to match the SV voice to the imported audio, but there’s no way to expand the height of the wave form in the imported track to see when the note starts. I’d prefer to match the note timing in my DAW. Is there something I’m missing where I can put the cursor at some point in Cubase and the cursor in SV will be at the exact same spot?


Not a solution, but an alternative workflow that works: I’ve ended up using synthV stand-alone and importing very basic loops that cover a verse or a chorus, instead of full instrumental tracks, to create my vocals. That way i can always just place the loop at the start of the timeline to know that it starts precisely. Then I make all vocals on top of each other on the same loop and export. In the DAW I have ultimate freedom to arrange, so I just do it there instead.

I had similar issue in Cakewalk… Way around it was in DAW to set the play head to always return to same position when stopping play back… then I align that position to the start of the voice not i want to copy or add harmony to… Then when I press ( space bar to begin play back ) and then stop payback head returns to same position… Now when I look in Synth V the playback bar in Synth is in the correct position… Its time consuming. Another way I have done it is to load just the voice wav file into synth V and align the harmony track with the voice wav file… again time consuming and not completely accurate without a lot of messing around.

I don’t know if it’s a problem with my Cubase project but even using the method above, when I stop the playhead in the DAW and it returns to start in SV is 5/16 off. This would make sense if the tempo was off, but both are set to 133 bpm at 3/4 time. The start at 0 matches on both but if I stop it at measure 2 in the DAW, the playhead in SV is 5/16 before the note. No other VST instruments are having trouble following… only SV. At this point, I can get close by exporting the audio from Cubase into the Standalone, but it’s really difficult to discern note changes with the small wave forms in SV.

Sorry, I just remembered I posted the same issue a few months back… So its not your DAW Cubase issue its a synth V issue.

so the only way around it is to import the voice wav file into Synth V and try and sync that with the harmony track you want to create…

That’s what I figure. The big problem there is that the wave files (once imported into SV) can’t be magnified (amplitude) to discern where the note starts and stops. The program has a ton of limitations that will prevent all but the most insistent on using it. Hopefully, future updates will make it more usable.

Just out of curiosity, is this while using SV as a plug-in in the daw rather than using it standalone?

The disconnect between the playheads is in the DAW (Cubase has playhead about a 1/4 measure off from what it show in SV.) In the Standalone the playhead in the arranger and piano roll are properly aligned. I’d stay in the Standalone but it’s difficult to determine the note start points without being able to magnify the wave tracks.

I guess… I don’t get that with my work around though!