Very small feature -- visibility of time signature and tempo

Hi, and sorry if this has been mentioned before.

One very small feature I would find useful is to have the time signature and tempo [displayed on the piano roll layout] visible all the time, even when further into the song.

I find I often want to check to see if I have tempo correctly set when Synth V is playing, but to do this I have to stop and scroll back to the beginning [unless I’ve missed a setting to change this :)]


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Hi Northwave,

I created a thread about this feature request also.

So, +1 to this idea. I have seen posts in other threads that Dreamtonics does not actively monitor the forum and to forward feature requests to them directly at [email protected]. However, I haven’t done that with any of my feature requests, up to this point.

I would love to see them get more involved in the forum and possibly start sharing development roadmaps and have feature request voting. It is likely they currently don’t have the resources available to do so as I believe they are still a relatively small company.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, a valid point about the developer’s limited resources. I hope that as Synth V becomes more popular it makes more engagement possible. I might drop them an email about this feature, just because it seems a simple thing to address.

In the meantime, I have to say that the community here is extremely helpful, as is the unofficial manual :+1:


You’re welcome Northwave. Thanks for sending an e-mail about this to Dreamtonics. I agree that is appears to be a fairly simple fix so hopefully they can make this happen.

I would like to see them use more of the blank areas above both the Arrangement and Piano Roll areas, more functions in the right-click context menus and more keyboard shortcuts to get some of the other functions that are buried in the Settings and Voice tabs to be more easily accessible. With a combination of more user-defined shortcuts and a Stream Deck (or similar device), it could really speed up the workflow quite a bit.

A little off topic but, I also would love for the transport controls to remain visible at all times. I still am not sure what the advantage is to have these controls auto-hide. I get the feeling Dreamtonics is focusing more on the AI functionality than the GUI or workflow, at this time. I am totally okay with this because the output quality of the synthesis is paramount but, I do hope they get to a point where they can address some of these items.

In regards to the unofficial user manual, I believe all the credit goes to Claire for putting it together if I am not mistaken. Again, I totally agree with you that the manual is a great reference tool and I can’t imagine the time and effort that must have gone into creating it. In general, Claire is a huge resource for this community along with many others that are willing to offer assistance.


Yes, good call – all those ‘quality of life’ features – shortcuts, quick access to buried settings, and keeping the transport controls visible, would speed things up and make the UI much more intuitive.

At the risk of embarrassing Claire, absolutely agree! I’m always tentative about putting a lot of time and effort into ‘indie’ software unless I know it’s supported and documented. From the moment I asked my first tentative question, Claire and others were there to help. Really appreciated.


Update: received a nice note from support. They’ve passed the request to the dev…so we’ll see.


Good to hear Northwave. Thank you for the update and fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

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I’d like it if the tempo were turned into a parameter curve, that way we can visually see it all the time and adjust it like any other parameter.

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That would be really useful for some of the songs I have worked on … but … I bet it would make its use in a DAW really tricky trying to match two independently variable tempo tracks :thinking:
Maybe a ‘good to have just in case’ feature - I still like the idea :+1:

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