Wazzup? Everything but the kitchen sync.


What am I doing wrong ??

I rendered and then imported a track from SV into Logic.

I then rendered a harmony track, created in the same Standalone SV project, and imported it into Logic ….

BUT the track sync is miles out.

Of course I can edit it in Logic, but why didn’t it import properly?


I can only give you an ableton answer so i dont know if this translates, but in ableton the DAW will try to make an “intelligent” assumption what bpm the imported track is in and warp the tempo to match the DAW settings. This usually works 99% well with full tracks or sounds with a somewhat clear tempo in it. But when importing choirs and harmonies that usually has less content in them (since not all parts of the lead vocal might have harmony in it), it tends to warp it a bit weird. In Live, you basically have to remove these tempo warps before aligning the tracks to make them match up properly.

This is just one usecase though, and maybe doesn’t translate to Logic at all. Did you make sure to check that the exported WAVs are the same length so you can determine if its SV or Logic that messes it up?

Thanks, there are no tempo problems, it’s just that the new harmony import, though it looks the same length etc in Logic, has the actual vocal in the wrong place.

Never mind … I’ll just edit the new harmony in Logic … not a prob really.