Hello, I released a new song featuring Solaria.

Let’s take a breath

My digital single album, which I worked on as AI vocal Solaria, has been released on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Haha, it was a bit delayed due to the move of the distributor to a US distributor for the release to coincide with the summer vacation season. However, for those planning a vacation or needing rest, I hope you can find relaxation through this song. As always, thank you to everyone who listens to my music.

If you want to listen on Spotify, please follow the artist link below.

Spotify Link


#Resting #Summervacation #Eclipsedsound #Solaria #spaceout #zoneout #gazingout이 텍스트는 숨겨집니다.

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The link is sort coming from Facebook, I didn’t find it at first.

After looking for it I found it at:

Not my kind of genre, however, very well made!

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Oh Sorry It is the first time to my writing to the synthesizer v forum. So I was a little bit confused to updating my videos. Thank’s for finding my music.

Nice track, great layering on the harmonies to make them really thick and wide!

Little tip - you can put breath noises in before the start of vocal phrases by adding a note at any pitch and typing “br” for the lyric - it make things sounds just that bit more human. (Oh so ironic tip I know, given the title of the track!! XD)

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Oh, Thank you for letting me know that. Now I got to know how Solaria can breathe. ^^ Thank you for listening to my music.

Also very nice, I do on the synthesizerem, but I’m not as good at A.I. female singers as many of you. I rather understand Asterian, who sings better than me, but we are similar in many ways…

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Thank you for listening to my music. In my case, I’m so hard to handle Asterian. Especially Asterian has big vibration So it was so hard to make good sound with Asterian. But Solaria was perfect for me.