Folders in Synth V?

The thought of having folders to put multiple tracks on is something I would like.
In cases where people are working with many voicebanks at once, or simply many tracks, I think this would be very helpful. (Like, being able to put all the harmonies in a single folder, and the main vocals in a single folder if there’s multiple voicebanks).
Food for thought, I guess.

Folders would be nice, but being able to move and color tracks would already be a huge achievement IMO (and I really don’t quite understand why this isn’t possible without any clumsy script workarounds).

Tracks can already be reordered via drag and drop, and a color picker was added with the latest beta.

It would certainly be nice to group tracks, or at least have an option to “minimize” a track you don’t need immediate visibility of. As things are i tend to move tracks down to the bottom of the list once I’ve finished with them, which is somewhat clumsy.

Is this not what a project file is? Multiple tracks, one for each voice regardless of differing voicebanks?
Each track can be rendered to audio in isolation or the whole ‘chorus’ of multiple tracks to a single audio track?

Track colouring is possible now, even if in a somewhat buggy “pre-release” beta version:-
[Version 1.10.0] Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) and UX improvements - Lounge / 大厅 / ラウンジ - Synthesizer V Forum

EDIT - sorry Claire, typing at the time you posted :heart_hands:

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I think folders/track grouping could be handy, for example maybe your folders could be:

  1. lead vocal (1 track)
  2. harmonies (1-4 tracks)
  3. ad-libs?
  4. more harmonies, but with a different vocalist?

I’m imagining that a narrow header could be added in the arrangement panel above the grouped tracks, with the ability to keep the tracks together when dragging to reorder, minimize the group, mute/solo all tracks in the group with one click, that sort of thing.

Kind of like how you’d group automation clips with the respective track in many DAWs, or have similar instruments grouped together.

You make a good point about multiple project files being a workaround though. Adding multiple instances of SynthV Studio in the DAW could function as a method of grouping.

Yeah, you guys are all right. I just still think it’d be a nice quality-of-life update if they would be able to do so.
I haven’t posted anything, but am usually working with 6 voicebanks at once for chorus type stuff, and atop that make multiple tracks when I work on stuff, similar to how an artist would save old layers, in a way. I’m aware it’s not the best, or most efficient way to do things, but it just helps me comprehend what I’ve done better.
So I think you can tell why a feature like that is something I’d really appreciate.

Edits (responding to other comments in order):
I don’t know anything about programming really, but the fact that they’ve created anything this great is amazing in the first place. I’m happy with what we have, but it’d be nice with folders too.

Yeahhh, moving tracks and everything can get the job done! I need to actually start doing that in a different sense. I keep the main ones about my instrumental track and then harmonies or extras underneath, but you actually gave me an idea for how to organize them better, so thanks!

Yep, I more so meant what Claire was talking about! I think you can also imagine how annoying changing solos and mutes between the amount of tracks I have can be though. Being able to solo multiple at once would be nice, imo. (exporting all the tracks is a nightmare as is LOL)

Yeah! In other videos people post, I saw a couple that have tracks for like 4 different harmonies. Pairing that w/ multiple vocals? That’s a nightmare to deal with.

And thank you guys for interacting with the post! Hope everyone’s having a nice night!

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