Another creation with Solaria and Natalie

Hi All - Was rooting around my old compositions from my music schools days (circa 1982/1983) and found a song cycle I created for Piano and Voice. So I re-created it with Solaria and Natalie. It is pretty sparse and has some rough spots that I am going to clean up; however it is a bit alluring. Hope you enjoy, feedback welcomed!


Beautiful - even the sadness caressed me, or your work on the expression of singing convinced me that I have considerable reserves in my songs. I can guess who sang what. I don’t have Natalie and I have Solaria and with voices using this Synthesizer you can do magic in singing so I can easily swap them. Natalie started and the second and third parts were sung by Solaria and Natalie ended?

Hi Guazde! - Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate them very much. The sequence was Solaria, Natalie, Solaria, Natalie - Really like both voices, there is sooo much flexibility with them and it’s kind of scary how realistic they are. Just followed you on SoundCloud - what a repertoire you have.

I am a simple music amateur who enjoys music and thanks for your follow on SoundCloud …

Complex, subtle, and some very beautiful moments. Nice work!