Two new songs from Tokyo AI Sisters

Niconico “The VOCALOID Collection” Summer 2023 Rookie Ranking


This time, I have entered 2 songs in the rookie ranking contest. I thoroughly researched American Motown, Chicago soul music, etc., in addition to those, aiming for a human-like singer who “breathes, breathes” with the singing voice synthesis software called Synthesizer V.

Entry song:
“Expect us to be”(in Japanese 七転び八起き)
Tokyo AI Sisters feat. Natalie, Mai & Saki

2023 Vocaloid funk music!!

Same time release YouTube link is here below

” Two nights quitter”(in Japanese 三日坊主)
Tokyo AI Sisters feat. Natalie, Mai & Saki

New hot area in summer 2023 could be Mihara street, Heiwajima ??

Same time release YouTube link is here below

We would be very grateful if you could listen to these songs during the period and give us a :heart: like, comment, or add to your list.
Thank you.

Period: August 4, 2023 (Friday) 19:00-August 7 (Monday) 17:00 Japan time
Short-term decisive battle isn’t it?

Mechanism: It seems that Niconico Vocaloid Ranking uses the same ranking mechanism as Niconico contents.
The main contents of the aggregation are that videos with a large number of views, likes, comments, and my lists tend to be ranked higher. In other words, you can support my videos by listening to the above two songs by M# of views, receiving :heart: likes, registering on my list, and leaving comments. Above all, comments are a recommended method of support that you can do as many times as you like.
Comment support:
Meaning of abbreviation Upotsu ☜ Thank you for posting,
I love you here ☜ I like this melody
8888888 ☜ It was a good song! Applause
God ☜ I’m at a loss for words Anyway, it’s good
Other great, too much love, goosebumps, cool, cried girlfriend, etc.

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Marc Bora

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Nice and great pieces, keep it up…

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