Sync problem with DAW

Hello first i would like to thank you for a great piece of software , It would be amazing to have the ability to sync tempo changes with the daw,

as soon as I have a crash or something and i need to reload a backup file with my vocals tempo sync is lost on projects with tempo map changes , sometimes it happens when i already finished tweaking a lot of things and it is difficult to keep it in sync again.

I tried to load a midi file with the tempo but doesnt works at all .also trying manually edit tempo changes isnt an option cause they cant be edited setting exact points with the snap

thanks in advance!

Hi, I honestly don’t know what you mean, but have you tried this?

Screenshot 2023-08-05 143623

I’m not certain, but it sounds like you’re trying to do a gradual tempo change.

SynthV Studio can only change tempo at the start of a quarter, and can only do so in a stepwise manner.

If you want this to change, send an email to [email protected].

Keep in mind that gradual tempo changes aren’t even supported by the MIDI file format, and there is no consistent way that DAWs address this. For program interoperability, instantaneous or stepwise tempo changes will always be more reliable.

As for imported tempo maps, the tempo from a MIDI file will only be used when creating a new project (“Import”), not when adding the MIDI file to an existing project (“Import as Tracks”).

Generally speaking, as long as your tempo changes are done in a stepwise manner and on the beat (ie at the start of a quarter), and you’ve entered the same tempo markers in both your DAW and SynthV Studio, you should have no issues with desync.

Except with specific DAWs in some situations. At least based on the user discussion we’ve seen on the forums, there are some desync issues in Logic Pro and Cubase, and maybe some other hosts, however it’s not clear what causes that behavior or exactly what each user might be doing differently.

First of all, thank you for the responses

I’m not trying to make gradual tempo changes, I just want to be able to import a tempo track without loading an entirely new file to avoid losing the tracks I’ve already worked on. I’ll try to elaborate a bit more on my scenario.

By the way, I hadn’t noticed that V-Synth only accepts changes in quarters; I thought I was inputting them without quantization. My mistake

I’m using Studio One, and I’m also having a bit of synchrony/syncing issues, but I was referring to something else.

Cita As for imported tempo maps, the tempo from a MIDI file will only be used when creating a new project (“Import”), not when adding the MIDI file to an existing project (“Import as Tracks”).

OK I understand , however occasionally, I experience a few crashes, and I don’t have a backup. I’ve needed to load a V-Synth file and synchronize it with the DAW’s tempo. In other situations, I encounter a file that started without a tempo map, and I load it into a new project in the DAW, which does have a tempo map. In such scenarios, it would be helpful to have the option to import only the tempo track without losing the tracks that are already worked on and completed for vocals.
I’m using Synth V for music with a lot of tempo changes due to its excellent natural sound.

Regarding the “sync with host” function, it was precisely this feature that caused me to lose the tempo track with speed changes and resulted in a loss of synchronization with the DAW. I’m not entirely sure what the “save inside host” function does in relation to the tempo.

Perhaps, if possible, it would be great if V-Synth could simply sync to the tempo of the DAW. Again, I appreciate your excellent work. I’m just trying to contribute my point of view to improve the workflow

To improve the workflow, I export a playback of my song from the DAW and import it into SyV Standalone, because you don’t have the problem with all the back and forth between plugin and host. Also, it saves a lot of CPU usage. Later I export the vocals as a wave file and load it into my project in the DAW. This might work for you? Then you have an audio file to work with.

thanks a lot for your suggestion , i am working with synth V in a more creative aproach to songwriting , and this song i mention is kind of an opera rock stuff that´s the reason why I need sometimes to change things in tempo while still not having a finished track , any way i really thank your help :slight_smile:

Did you try this?

Screenshot 2023-08-06 080745

i dont understand how could this help with V synth following the main tempo in the DAW?