Do you match the Voicebank to the song, or the other way around?

I’d be interested to hear about your creative process.

Do you match the Synth V voicebank to the song you have written, or do you write your music with a particular voicebank already in mind?


Sorry, the original comment belonged to another post, so I deleted it. Here I answer the question I write a song and then I try which A.I. voice fits best, but what will be a priority for me in the future, the answer can be: " Either way "


I wrlte my songs and then I discovered Synth V.
However, I have to admit that while I put the vocal parts down using the software, I usually realize that some notes I planed dont work well with the VB, so I need to change the vocal melodies accordingly.
So I wrote my songs for what I hear in my mind,then I adapt the arrengements for what works best for the available resources when putting everything together


Synth V or not, I always try to find a voice that suits the song best. I’ll only use specific vocals if I’m requested to in collaboration/commission.


I think for most people it’s the same as with human vocalists.

Sometimes people make a song and need to find a vocalist that fits it, other times people have a vocalist in mind before they write the song.

Sometimes people need to adjust the arrangement to accomodate the vocalist.

Sometimes people opt to work with a more popular vocalist than the one they feel would best suit the song, because it’ll get more listeners that way.

Whether it’s a synth or not, I think many of the factors and decision-making processes are the same. The biggest difference is that with a synth you can much more easily hear a quick preview of each option before tailoring the track to the voice.


I always make the instrumental first then click through voicebanks and choose the one I think fits best.

If nothing works I will rework the instrumental which can be annoying because of different guitar tunings :smiley:


I actually picked the Voicebank i had most faith in my ability to use, and then went and wrote a bunch of songs that specifically suited that voice. For future projects thats probably my approach as well. To me, it makes me feel a bit more like im collaborating with the voice, rather than just adding another instrument.