(SOLARIA original song) Dust & Bloom - Back To Shore


Back To Shore is the first song I made using SynthV, but I ended up releasing it second when I arranged my tracks on the album, and published it last Friday. From a SynthV point of view, the most interesting thing might be the harmonies. This song has a quite ambitious arrangement of backing harmonies since it was my first honeymoon trip with Solaria and I wasn’t planning to make another 9 songs at the time… :crazy_face: Elsewise, my life is not as eventful anymore as these lyrics might imply (for better or for worse). They were written with inspiration from some tasty drama of an acquaintance who’s put themselves in a bit of a hassle! So, with all the AI assistance I’m normally using, this song has some of the most analog inputs from my end :nerd_face:

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Although I know she is Solaria, the song makes me believe she is alive and singing anywhere in real.
Really good job. :+1:
BTW, you changed her voice. Because her timbre sounds different than originally.

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Oi, that’s nice! Thanks!

For this album I consequently put Solaria’s gender down by 200, to give the voice, what I thought, a little more fundament. Also some guy on YouTube said it sounded nice so I just went “okay” and did it :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Great job! Your “low tuning” of her voice makes her very similar to Amy Lee from Evanescence. I really love it! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! I think its a great feature that when used (in moderation) can give several separate but equally proficient characters/singers out of just one voice bank.

I don’t know, but I’ve been coming back to this song more than once. I guess he deserves it…

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Very kind of you! The rest of the album will be released over autum, and personally I think the best ones aren’t out yet! :wink:

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Sounds great
Vocals & production

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