Making like rock voicing

Hi. Is it possible to make the voice sound like a rock vocalist like Daria Zaritskaya? Her voice is a little bit distorted. I can apply a little bit of distortion effect but I wonder if there is any other way.

Generally you can increase the Tension and Tone Shift parameters, as well as reducing Breathiness to get a more powerful sound. If the voice database has a Power or similar vocal mode that can help as well, but not every voice database is designed to be able to belt in the first place, so the exact process and difficulty will vary.

Beyond this, pay attention to the pitch deviations. Certain patterns don’t really make sense when a singing style tends toward belting or yelling, such as vibrato, and more aggressive styles might tend to overshoot the notes more often.

Since the AI-generated pitch curves attempt to mimic the original voice provider, theatrical voice databases like Asterian tend to have a lot more vibrato, which isn’t suited to some genres, whereas Solaria tends to have a more pop/rock feel “out of the box”. The amount of manual adjustment needed will vary based on how much your desired genre differs from the original voice provider’s style.

A huge amount of what makes vocals sound big and powerful though is the how they’re mixed in the DAW. As far as mixing is concerned, the concepts are the same as when working with human vocalists, so you’re probably better off looking for genre-specific tutorials to identify which effects tend to suit the style you’re looking for.


Lots of thanks, Claire. I got it. Your information helped me a lot.