Synth V locks up my cakewalk DAW

Version 1.9 I have Synth V as a plug in on one track, I use Cakewalk. I saved it both internally and externally a couple of days ago. I went to go back to the project today and first it comes up with the warning that a crashed version has been detected " do I want to see the files OR Canel" No matter which one I select the DAW is locked up. I opened up another new project and inserted the saved .SVP file along with Synth V. I saved internally and no issue, I then saved it to an external file, when I now when I try to open DAW it comes up with the same issue. I went to the dreamtronics recovery folder and moved the files in there so that if Cakewalk or synth V was looking for the they would not show up, but the issue is still there. does anyone know if there is another setting somewhere that I can reset so that it does not look for crashed files. I also opened the synth V file in standalone mode and there is no issue , it opens up and the data/voice/midi is there and works fine. In DAW I saved the synth V file under a different name and no issue to open either in External or internal mode.

Any suggestions?