Vocal mode sliders make no sense

Having sliders that go to 150% doesn’t make any sense. If I pick “passionate”, max passionate should be 100%. Also the sliders don’t interact, so I could set all properties to 150% giving a ridiculous total of 900%.


It’s clearly designed this way because it works. There’s no reason to artificially limit the feature just to make the number look nice.

The percentage is how much of a specific bias you are introducing, not fractional portion of the resulting voice.

Of course we don’t know exactly how things are implemented by Dreamtonics, but it’s not difficult to imagine that 150% is some extrapolated extension of the bias introduced by a vocal mode. In past versions, users were able to manually input higher values, which resulted in very exaggerated results that also had a lot of obvious synthesis artifacts; exactly what you’d expect from extrapolation being pushed past a reasonable stable range.

It’s already limited, just to 150%. It like an amp that goes to 11.