English regional accents

Would love to have more english speaking voices, with regional accents (upper class British, cockney British, Irish, Scottish, American south etc. etc). Would be very useful for musical theater demos.


I’d be happy with just a ‘standard’ British English voice to begin with. I think that might be fairly adaptable for regional UK accents. It would likely include some sounds that don’t currently exist but are more or less essential for British English :wink:

This topic has come up a few times for different accents. Up to now, it seems the market for voice synths has largely been East Asia and the US [?]. I suppose it will depend on demand and growth into other regional markets to make those accents financially viable.

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This is technically a bit next level maybe, but you can always use a voice cloner ai and train it with someone that has the accent you want and then use it on your SynthV generated song :man_shrugging:t2::crazy_face:. Tried it on myself, but the problem was that it sounded like… me :joy::joy:

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Useful to know though, thanks.