Reset Vibrato Modulation

I’m having terrible trouble with Asterian Vibrato, it sometimes goes crazy so I try reducing the vibrato modulation in the note properties. The problem is if I change it here, then it cannot be reset. If I go and change Aserian’s global Vibrator modulation (in the voice setting), all the unchanged note properties will change to the new global value, but any properties already set will stay at the set value. There isn’t a visual clue either to those that I have set.

I want to ‘delete’ or ‘reset’ the set value but can’t see how to do that.

Also it seems that the vibrato settings for Asterian are being ignored. Changing Start, or freq has no effect. Do I need to enable something somewhere?

I’m using 1.9.0 Pro and voices are all up to date.

They’re not being ignored. Most likely you have the depth set to zero, and a wave with a depth of zero is a flat line.

The sliders in Manual Mode only add a sine-like wave to the pitch. They do not affect curves introduced by Sing mode or curves present in the Pitch Deviation parameter. The patterns added in this way are based on a very simple mathematical equation, and the AI-generated vibrato is far too complex to fit the sliders. This is intentional, since enabling Manual Mode means you are no longer using the automated pitch generation, and this is why different options are available in Auto vs Manual mode.

Naturally this means if you previously had a note in Sing mode, then switch to Manual mode and add a second type of vibrato, you’ll have two overlapping waves for a rather strange result.

If you switch modes, the mode-specific settings will not affect something created in the other mode.

As for resetting the values of sliders, I think the only way to do it would be to re-create the note or manually remove the value from the .svp file (not exactly convenient). It sure would be nice if it worked similarly to other software where right-clicking or double-clicking a slider would revert it.

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