New Natalie Song - Anam Cara

Hi All - Ressurected another original composition from the early 1980’s and recreated it with Synth V / Natalie. It is called Anam Cara. Anam Cara is a Celtic phrase for “Soul Friend”. You can read about it here.

Really like Natalie. Reminds me a little of Deva Premal. Hope you enjoy - Feedback Appreciated.




Natalie and not only her, but also the music that resonates with Natalie caresses my soul and perhaps awakens an ancient Celtic ancestor in me, which is probably why I like Celtic music so much. You have a feel for this job.

Thanks, Gaudze! Appreciate the kind words!

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These choirs are gorgeous!

Beautiful song. I think Natalie is the most expressive English voice - especially in the lower registers. What did you use for the solo violin?

Hi SynergyV - agree, Natalie is super expressive. Am always amazed with performances. The string solo was SonuScore’s Lyrical Cello kontakt instrument. Really expressive too. Used the short sustain legato setting

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