Training Solaria to sing in Portuguese

I produced and re-Arranged a song by Maro. I worked hard fudging the vocals into Brazillian Portuguese. My Brasilera amiga approved it so it can be done. I performed all the music and sang background. I hope you like.


Very nice, although I don’t understand Portuguese, the music will give us a chance to understand. Beautiful work and singing of the singer caresses …

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Hi, I’m brazillin, loving what Dreamtonics is doing with Synth BUT I garantee to you, this result there isn’t good, sorry, I tell you why, some cases:

  • we have 2 sounds for the letter " r ", and when it says there “agora” the r sounds pretty wrong, the right way would be something simillar when, in english, there is a " t " between 2 vowels

  • it also occurs to syllables we have like “bri” in the “descobri” (i discovered) and so many other words cause we have this kind of syllable a lot (frente… sombra… horário… sombrancelha…)

  • in a nutshell, problems with:
    … a lot

  • and several other cases…

we can do some workarounds, i did that in a project of mine, but I would say the result is like 70 to 80% good and for a professional post like a singing music on youtube native people can notice that pretty easy, It sounds either foreing singer or robotic…

I’m expecting that Dreamtonics launches a datavoice based on brazillian portuguese soon.

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