Default language setting

Hi SV users.
Has anyone found out how to set/change the default languages used by the voice packs?
Weina defaults to mandarin (I think) but I’ll only ever use English. Is there a way to set her defaults to English so I don’t have to change it every time I open a new song?


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I have the exact same question. Feeling a little stupid right now…

Hi @Vocestra - nothing to feel stupid about. It is probably something really obvious that we’ve both missed (we can be dipsticks together if it is :smiling_face:)

Could it be related to this: (from the FAQ page in the unofficial guide)

The software will try to guess the language based on the lyrics assigned to the notes, but of course this only applies to situations where you already have notes entered before selecting a voice, or when switching voice databases.

When creating a new track and selecting a voice database for the first time before entering any lyrics, the native language for that voice database will always be selected by default.