HighTech Dinosaur , new original song with Solaria


hehe, i dont know if this is intentional, but there is something in the wails here that gives it a vibe of Barbie girl with Aqua :smiley:

No it’s not intentional, and i cant say i hear it either :roll_eyes:… maybe you mean the oh oh oh thing? :thinking:

Not literally Barbie girl as such, but there are some strong euro dance details in there, and solaria can sound very girly in that setting :nerd_face:

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Yes…and that is intentional :slightly_smiling_face:
I Like Aqua and Barbie girl…its kind of funny…and i tried to do this one a little funny :roll_eyes::joy:

Another fun and entertaining song. Great vid too.

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Thanks…i wrote it in Swedish…and tried to get it funny even in English… I came pretty close i think :joy: its pretty much the same story

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