Copying notes between instances of DAW plugin

Is there a way to copy notes between instances of the plugin? A simple copy/paste doesn’t work.

There is no support yet for direct copy. Save a MIDI file, then import it to SynthV Studio.

That seems to clobber the entire track. I just want to copy small passages.

“Import” will create a new project based on your MIDI file.

“Import as Tracks” will add new tracks to the project based on the file.

So use “Import as Tracks” and then copy the segment you want to the correct location.

But if you’re only creating small segments at a time, it’s almost certainly easier to just create them in SynthV in the first place.

WORK AROUND : save the original SVP file externally then open the same file in another instance of Synth V plug in. delete the stuff that you don’t want, save file external under a new file name.