Can I use Solaria with the name I define on streaming platforms?

After I purchase, I want to use Solaria vocals in my own songs on streaming platforms (such as Spotify) using an artist name that I will define. For example “Catrine”. This is going to be not a real person. Can I use it?

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You can refer to yourself, the musician, however you want, but you can’t attribute the vocals to a different name.

From the EULA:

(1) When Presenting a Rendition, the User must not use names other than designated by Eclipsed Sounds to identify the SVD. These names are as follows: “SOLARIA”, “Solaria”, “SOLARIA AI”, or “Solaria AI”.
Named attribution of the SVD is not required for the full version of the SVD. However, if the Lite version is being used, the SVD must be attributed as “SOLARIA Lite”.
The User also may not ever use the name “Emma” or “Emma Rowley” to identify the SVD or attribute sounds generated from it.

Either add “Solaria” as a vocalist in the metadata, or don’t attribute the vocals at all.


Thanks for the answer. But I want to clarify. Can I release songs under the name CATRINE as an artist/profile name on Spotify without attributing any vocals and without featuring any other artists at all?

On the Spotify, the songs will be shown like this:

I Love the Earth - CATRINE
(Song name - Profile/Artist Name)

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In case this is your intended stage name/alias/persona, then yes.

Otherwise, e.g the character you are portraying in the song using Solaria’ voice, then you have to attribute the name in some ways

The name “CATRINE” will be the Spotify profile/artist name. All the songs that will be released under this name, like everyone else. Actually, I think it mustn’t be a problem. Because I saw lots of songs on Spotify that use Solaria’s vocal without attributing her name anywhere. There are even links to some of the songs here in the forum.

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I once did an original song with an other vocalsynth software and to avoid any issue I released with “my name ft the virtual artist name”. I think it’s fair enough.

I asked the same question to the CEO of Eclipsed Sounds. I think she gave the answer to put an end to this issue.

(The example name I gave her was “SOPHIE”)

So, she said:

“Yes. You can also release it under your own name without crediting the vocals even if you are also a singer, as long as it is clearly not the same as your voice & you are not trying to imply that it is your own voice. Additionally, be sure to not say “SOPHIE - Synthesizer V” as the ‘sophie’ alias is not a Synthesizer V vocal. We prefer no credits for vocals over the creation of a new alias, but you may choose whichever suits your project.”

Thanks for the clarification!

For the OP, you can do this:

La Belle Dame sans Merci

If you check my profile, the artist is me, implying I created all the music. There is no mention of any of the virtual singers, pretty much as there is no mention of drummers, bassists, guitarists etc…

If you want to mention the vocal bank as if it was a real person, you have to use the name that the company already gave it (Solaria) and you cannot invent a new name for a virtual singer.


Thanks. Now, I exactly know how to do it. :+1:

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