My first attempt

I am new to the forum and I wrote a song about my good friend and singer who sadly went from us. It is called R I P. Lacking a decent singer I turned to Solaria to do the job and I am quite impressed. As I said, this is just trying to make it work. The following link leads you to dropbox where you can listen and perhaps comment here.
Dropbox - Solaria final.mp3 - Simplify your life


Very nice and there is also a sense of memory in it and I ask, did your friend like “Deep Purple”?

Nice Song and nice sentiments - well done . . . . :+1:

Our band loved DP and we played Child in Time. He sang it beautifully and quite as good as the original. The short snippet of a male voice is his, extracted from a live recording in 1974.
Thanks for your encouraging comment :grinning:

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So for the first try, excellent. I’m sure there’s still a lot to come from you. Super