Synth V license on how many computers?

Hey guys. I’m new to this forum. I’ve heard that you can use a license from one language database on up to 3 computers. For me it would be important because I have one system in my studio and the second one in my weekend house. Can I do this without a guilty conscience or will I get into trouble

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I have a similar situation. I was told “no”, but it appears to work anyhow.

Yes, I know from a friend that it works, but I wanted to be on the legal side

IMO it should NOT be unusual to expect that people engaged in Music Production probably

have more than one “installation” e.g. Desktop and Laptop/Tablet. In my case, my keyboards

are NOT with my Desktop System, but in another room - so I need to use my Laptop THERE.

It should be simple to licence SW to TWO computers - the usual caveat being that they are

not used simultaneously - which is fair enough . . . . :thinking:

Nobody is going to get into legal trouble for using the code on multiple computers. It’s just that you have to remember to deactivate them when you’re done using them so you can get a code back, and it’s not recommended to share the code with people other than yourself.