Wrong product?? PLEASE HELP


Just changed my iMac, loaded all the data from Time Machine … Synth V loads, but when I enter the code to activate, it tells me the code is for another product.

No idea what to do.
Please try to be simple … I am 78 yrs old. Thanks.

Me again,

I understand that I have to deactivate, or de-licence my app on the old Mac, and see online that I go to SETTINGS / Licence Manager … but I cannot find a licence manager anywhere in settings.

I would have expected it to be in the GENERAL box, but it is not.

When I go online to the installation guide, the image of settings looks nothing like mine.

NO Connect to plug in host / Audio device / Preferences / Licence Manager / About

Quite distressing

I have Synth V Pro Studio1.9.0

Should be here on your old machine:

Thanks Brent … not out of the woods yet!

Finally deactivated Synth V on old Mac …

Put in activation code for new Mac version and STILL get the message ’ `This activation code is for another product’

… just had a thought, could the ‘other product’ be one of the voices??
If so, where can I find an activation code for the original app?

… or do I actually have to delete the app on the original Mac first??

SO frustrating and unfriendly.

Yes, each product has its own activation code. You can find it in the email sent to you from when you purchased it.

Thanks Brent … I got there in the end !!!

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