Asterian Sings My New Song "I need a sense of stability and security"

I released a new song using Asterian.

I usually make songs by using Solaria but this song is my first song by using a man’s voice.

It was harder because Asterian’s vibration was so huge.

But I controlled that voice as much as I could.

So thank you for listening to my music.

The lyrics mean we need a sens of stability and security in a rapidly changing world.

I attached my lyrics below.

I need a sense of stability and security lyrics

From some point on, I have felt uneasy about my life. The world is changing rapidly, and there are many demands on me. I feel like I have lost my way.

Even after graduating from university and obtaining a master’s degree, the world still tells me that I am not enough.

My parents have never been to college, yet they managed to buy a house, build a family, and achieve success.

However, I don’t think I can replicate their success. The world seems difficult and unsafe, and I believe I am still immature and weak.

Now, the world has changed, and the opportunities have become smaller. The slogan “If you try hard, you can do anything” no longer seems valid to me. Instead, I’d rather hear that it’s okay to fail. Those words are more comforting to me.

I need a sense of stability. I need a fence that can make me feel safe. I yearn for something that can genuinely fulfill my needs - comfort and encouragement rather than discussions about an uncertain future. I need a sense of stability and I need a sense of security.

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