lost vocals

Hi - I used my lead track to create a backing track (saving the file on my desktop and importing in). Problem is, after cutting down the backing vocals to what I wanted, when deleting the desktop file, it deleted the main vocals :sob: :sob: :sob:

Is there any way to get it back (ie I assumed saving on the desktop would save a new copy and not move the original. If this IS the case, where does it save usually??)

Hope someone can advise - I won’t be doing that again!

If you’re using the software as a plugin and “Save Inside Host” is selected under the File menu, the project is embedded in the DAW project. If you then choose “Save to External File” you are changing how the current project is saved, not saving a separate project.

Upon switching to “Save to External File” you choose a location on your file system, and the data saved in the DAW project is replaced with a file path so that it knows where your SVP file is next time you load the project.

If you want to save a separate SVP file without affecting the original project, or while still keeping the original project embedded in the DAW’s save file, use “Save As…” instead, the re-enable “Save Inside Host”.

Hi thanks for the reply - I’ll know for next time :upside_down_face: