New original Natalie - Show Me a Sign. Romantic R&B ballad

A song about the first magical moments of a relationship. I’ve felt that relationships almost always start with some sort of gesture or “sign” by one person to another, acknowledging a mutual attraction. So here is an original song about that. With Natalie in a bit of a retro R&B setting. Thanks for watching.


Another beautiful song - beautifully and emotionally done. I wonder how a guy can do it so well with Natalie, for example? I’m a guy and I can do it a little with Asterian, because we are quite similar in terms of singing. I have a Solaria and I can’t do much with she anymore. But here on the forum everyone gives gems and I just watch. I write Czech lyrics for my songs, and that’s a problem, that the imperfect Czech of A.I. singing takes away my motivation to work it out in full detail. I have two friends who are singers at a professional level, and they refuse to listen to it because of the Czech language and only want sheet music. Forgive me for complaining a little and it will be better again, because I enjoy playing self this way. And I listen to your all beautiful works.

Thanks Gauzde. All musicmaking can be frustrating sometimes. We all want our creations to be perfect and compare with professional musicians. And we all continue to learn and improve. But in the end, it is always a personal expression of a feeling inside you want to bring out for you and others to experience. Keep it personal and heartfelt and you will always enjoy the prrocess.

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