"Can Do" - New Song Featuring Natalie

A pretty new Synth V user here, but I am loving the ability to use different vocals than my own in my songwriting. I posted a song that features Natalie called, “Can Do.”
You can listen to the song here:



Hey Chad. Welcome to the world of SynthV. Nice fresh sound. You’ve got Natalie right in her sweet spot. Looking forward to more.

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Very listenable, both singing and music…


Thank you!

This one is a great song. And i love the music… will be interesting to follow your work :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


First attempt nailed it? sounds great, looking forward to hear more

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Simple, but not simplistic – I like that! The sparse background works really well and lets Natalie shine.

“That Natalie Vibrato” is very much in evidence – either you like it, or not. I like it, at least in this context – it adds a touch of vulnerability.

Nice work!

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Really good! I too like the relatively sparse and clear, but not simple, production. As noted above, your work with Natalie has given great results.

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For me, Natalie seems to have a bit more character in her voice.