Strength of Teto's consonants?

Hi! I am a very new user of SynthV (with 10+ years experience in UTAU), and I’m having a bit of a struggle using Kasane Teto’s English voicebank.

Almost every time there’s a word ending on a plosive consonant like k, t or p, it’s super weak and almost inaudible: for example, if I put the word “black”, it just sounds like “blaeh”, no matter what I do! I’ve tried to adjust the phoneme strength in note properties, but I’m not even sure what it does since nothing seems to really change anyway.

The thing is that I don’t really find this problem when using Mai, which pronounces her end consonants just fine and clear, so I suppose it’s a problem of Teto’s recordings or something? But is there really no way of making the consonants “pop” more? Not even cranking it up with a compressor afterwards when mixing seems to boost it enough… I’ve even tried adding super very short “kuh” at the end, and while it does actually make the “k” sound much stronger, it doesn’t sound very natural at all lol. And removing the “ah” sound in the phonemes just makes it sound the same like before, super quiet.

Help please!

Oh, right. I should add that I GUESS the best solution I’ve found so far is to increase the volume of the consonant itself in the loudness parameter, but it just seems super tedious to do this every freaking time… And even that doesn’t work all the time! Super frustrating :frowning:

I forget which voicebank I was using, but I also ran into a lot of situations where the final stop consonants were not happening.

My solution is probably more tedious than yours. To get a t, I added a t ax as a new syllable to the end, and then turned the loudness and voicing of the vowel down to zero using the Parameters:

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Ah, I think I’ve tried that one as well. It sucks that there doesn’t seem to be a easier way to just boost the consonants themselves as far as I can tell, sometimes you might want a very strong consonant for the effect too.

I think the best solution I’ve find so far is to boost the loudness, but again, pretty tedious…