Touchscreen Problems (and minor graphical glitch)

I have a touchscreen laptop and whenever I’m drawing notes, they all go to the same spot on the piano roll. It’s the only place I have this problem, so I’m fairly sure it’s to do with the program (but I could be convinced it’s my computer if you have reason it would be).
Anyone else used this program with touchscreen, and do you have this program?

Also, minor thing that doesn’t really deserve it’s own topic, here’s a graphical error that’s been happening since I got the program (see picture:)

I don’t know about the touchscreen thing. But I have the same problem with those lines on my laptop.

Were you running under OpenGL mode when the glitch occurred?

I haven’t touched the box since I got the program, and even if it was on at some time, it does both of these things constantly, without fail.

Edit: Maybe not without fail. Touchscreen decided to work some after I posted this.

Oh, I thought there might be some environment reasons that my touchscreen sometimes did not work well…

More over, there may be some issues while using the pen instead of the finger.
Maybe I will upload a video later to show the issues if you are intetested… :sweat_smile:

By the way, I don’t see the lines, whether under OpenGL mode or not.

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It’s not just with the pen. I turned it on today and it’s doing it with my finger and a non-windows ink pen (I don’t have my ink one rn)