Transparent image for PV usage - What are the terms?



Hi guys!

So I was able to look at the licence terms for the SynthV voicebanks themselves, but as for the official transparent images for PV usage, there is no paperwork on the said stuff and I started wondering what the rules actually are when it comes to this stuff. I’m very certain these images are copyrighted because nobody would be dumb enough to make something like this public domain, so I know there is an EULA on this and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a fee for each time we use any of these in any commercial use? (Not that I’m going to monetize any of the videos I make but they’re all primarily there to tell people that a particular song is going to be in an album that my band is actually selling and last I checked, that still counts as commercial use so I’m really on edge about stuff like this…) What are the rules? I didn’t want to have to hold off on making a lyric video to some of the originals my band had done in the recent past but to say this does prevent me from being able to sleep at night is flat out understatement.


I’m doing some more research and I’m actually even more confused. Even with a permanent licence we still have to ask Animen for a commercial licence just for the voicebanks and not even the images?! Does that mean I have to pull the two recent tracks from Bandcamp and other platforms?!


According to the End User License Agreement, I think commercial use requires additional authorization, it’s needed to contact the voicebanks issuer.
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End User License Agreement
Article 2: (License for use)
3. User may use the synthetic sound produced by the product and the copyrighted character image contained therein free of charge in a non-commercial scope, including, but not limited to, non-profit activities, creation, dissemination, publication, etc., and in which cases no additional license from AnimenJP is required.
4. User with the following intentions of commercial usage of the synthetic sound produced by the product and the copyrighted character image included is obliged to contact AnimenJP. AnimenJP will sign an additional license agreement (based on the circumstances of the agreement, an authorization fee may incur) with the user according to the user’s usage and intention.
A. The use in commercial multimedia videos whose representation, expression, and communication may be considered to have used the synthetic sound of the product and the copyrighted character image contained, including, but not limited to, advertisement, internet video, animation, films, series, television programs, games, etc.
B. The use in commercial music products sold by legal entities, including, but not limited to, CD, DVD, records, cassette tapes, MD, hard drives, flash drives, IC memory cards, etc. (hereinafter referred to as commercial music products) made and recorded by legal entities themselves or commissioned by a third party and used for monetary purposes, as well as other recorded content after using the synthetic sound of this product that is publicized and provided for download and use.


My band ended up going straight to VOLOR for clearance and we got it. This goes out as a warning to everyone else that you have to get a permanent licence and get clearance from VOLOR in order to use SynthV for commercial use, I guess. :confused: At least we got the clearance and that’s what matters. Thank you~ (^ ^)/`