Unable to close the Voice Database settings dialog


  1. Install and launch SynthV Editor.
  2. Open Voice Database settings.
  3. Click voice combobox to expand the voice list. (it shows “no choices” since no voicebank is installed)
  4. (Key step) Click close button to close the dialog with the voice list expanded. (Note that the “no choices” item is still on the screen when the dialog is closed.)
  5. Click inside the SynthV Editor window.


  1. The voice list should be dismissed when the Voice Database settings dialog is closed.
  2. User should be able to continue working in the editor window.

The dialog displays again after step 5 and can not be closed.
Please refer to the screen recording below for details:

(It’s not a looped gif. Refresh the page if you want to watch again.)


  1. This defect does not occur if collapse the voice list before close the dialog in step 4.
  2. This defect does not occur if click outside the SynthV Editor window (e.g. Click on the desktop) in step 5.
  3. This defect does not occur on Windows 10.

OS: Kubuntu 18.04
Build: 016

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