Used paypal to purchase, still do not have the product :( (SOLVED, SORRY T_T)

Hello! I just purchased Synth V on ANiCUTE. I followed the tutorial Kanru posted on this form/twitter, checked out and sent the money to 愛尼曼數位科技股份有限公司 on Paypal, but I still don’t have the product. :frowning: It’s been about 5 hours now, maybe i just need to wait longer?

I keep sending messages to customer support in the " Q&A for Orders" section, but no one is answering. I’m kind of scared that I’m not going to get the program or my money back because I might have done the payment sending wrong :frowning:

Thank you for your help!! >_<!

it also might just be because of time zone differences, and if it is because of that then i apologize :sweat_drops:

He may be able to help you to find out what’s wrong.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile: