User Manual in Video



Awesome, that you sooooooo much for these videos.


Another way is replacing /r/ with /dx r/. Less work but different result.


Thank you very much for this!


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

If you work with Ableton Live, see video for Sync Synth V and Ableton Live.

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Buying Synth V :
Phase One :

Phase Two (please, check your spam) :


Hi everyone. I’m very new to all this (e.g. this forum, Synthesizer V, vocal synth in general, even audio production). I just started playing with Synthesizer V today in Ableton and I was excited to see that there was a video user manual, BUT the video links are all dead. Are these videos still available somewhere?



Why all my videos are no longer avalable on youtube? It’s so weird :thinking:

I no longer use Synth V because I don’t like wait for updates (more english voices, man, women, bugs corrects) promises, promises, always promises :confused:
Today, I pay singers :confused:

For Ableton, put Synth V on Arrangement view NOT session View. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the reply. Is it possible those videos will be available again?

(and thanks for the tip on using arrangement view. I spent hours in session view with it yesterday :persevere: )


Youtube erased all my videos and I don’t have a backup, and I don’t Know why sorry :confused: