View phoneme boundaries

I’d like to have a mode to visualise phoneme boundaries (perhaps by colouring segments of the note bars or the pitch wave). This could be useful for syncing parameter changes to phonemes or visualising the effects of note timing properties.


I never knew I needed this till now. I love the idea! I even sketched out a rough mockup; is this what you mean? (the areas would ideally be draggable)


It’s a bit of a roundabout method and I support this idea if it can be implemented, but if you separate each phoneme into its individual note much the same effect can be achieved!


Definitely second this request!
Currently I can’t change the note timing to what I want. I know the Note Timing settings exists, but however I dragged them, it just didn’t seem to make a difference to me…

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I’ve tried doing that. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it makes her sound weird as hell. I hope they fix this issue in the future.