Vocals always stutter every time I play it

Hey, so I have an issue with SynthV

so I went back to SynthV a few months ago and the sounds stutter when I preview it
I thought this was a minor bug, but it was still there a few months later.

Basically, the bug always plays when I preview a song (specifically Something New)
upon previewing, the vocals always stutter and cut out most of the text

this always happens with Eleanor

(I can’t record the evidence because the vocals and audio won’t play when OBS is active)

Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? I just created a huge file with ten tracks that had the same problem when I tried to play it back, but I never had this happen before on much smaller song files. Sounds like a computer resource issue to me.

Hello, I actually realized that the problem was with my speakers

I changed it to a different source and it worked fine (mostly)