Voicebank Request

So this may be stupid to ask. But in the current state of there being no open format to create custom banks, is there certain criteria that needs to be met to go about asking to become one of the vocal services on Synth V?

I noticed that an UTAU had been imported into the program and I was wondering if there is a way to request to voice for the synth.

I had been told apparently it cost more then VOCALOID but I feel that’s unlikely since it cost $50,000 at the least.

I’m sorry for asking this i’m just honestly curious because I’d love to take a swing at it because I love voice acting for my characters and Synth V is just so clear and I especially love how Eleanor sounds.


See this thread and the discussion that came out of it. Renri was rebuilt for SynthV most likely to help test Japanese in the software. The only thing I could really suggest is contacting Kanru directly either on this forum or through emailing with voice samples and seing if he is interested. If someone wanted to develop a voicebank otherwise it would have to be from a business standpoint right now, though I couldn’t put a price on it. You’re not the only person wondering though!

Yeah, I saw that thread but I really wasn’t sure of my actual answer and it felt like (from Kanru’s post) that they are overwhelmed with emails about voicebanks that I kinda wanted an open forum so people with the same question about how to go about asking to be an official voice for the product would be brought about.
I thought about emailing them directly but i’m going to wait a few days with this post just to see how it pans out tbh.