Vst and routing

Just sharing my thoughts on the vst…
Current vst works like rewire + vocaloid. Is this the finalized vst build or will the vst version be integrated more to the daw?
Is it possibility of direct routing synthesizer V output directly into the daw mixer (by using the vst itself instead of a separate postprocessing ) and hence making post process natively possible?
Currently I am routing the output of synthesizer V through a third party plugin into the daw to apply relevant effect. (Daw > vst > Synthesizer V > Third Party bridge > Daw Mixer)
Workflow will be greatly improved if direct audio routing to the daw’s mixer is possible. (Daw > Vst + Synthesizer V > Daw Mixer)

I am using it with Cakewalk by Bandlab.
I loaded the synthv vsti in the synth rack and it made a midi track and a stereo audio track.
The synthv audio then came blasting out of the audio track created and that track’s volume control controlled the volume, etc - just like a vst instrument. - no extra routing.

i did audio track output at my first try but later discover there few ms discrepancies due to separate post processing from the synthV and daw at the same time.
I know that this cna be fixed with simple tweaking but as a lazy person :stuck_out_tongue: I actually wan to reduce workflow as much as possible.