Vsti Support nit pick

First, thank you so much for the vsti support. It works as advertised in Cakewalk Sonar.

I would like it however, if we could specify a port to use on both sides and have both modules, .exe and vsti dll auto connect, possibly poll for one another and just auto connect. The current “read the random port from the vsti and pot it into the editor” each time is a tad tedious.

That said it works very reliably.

How about a button that launches the editor from plugin?

p.s. please add feature-request tag to this kind of posts.

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Ok. :+1:

Plus 20 chars.

Wait. Why even have a button? Why wouldn’t you want to launch the editor?

Just start it by default and maybe even hide the vst stub.

The current design allows you to remote control Synthesizer V on a different computer if you fill in an IP address (192.168.xxx.xxx). The protocol isn’t rated for remote controlling on the open Internet but it’s speedy enough on LAN. It even works across different operating systems.