WASD not working (Solved)

As the title says, I can’t use wasd to navigate, and there’s no keybind for it. I had to reset the pc and I reinstalled synthv and now it doesn’t work, and this is pissing me off because I have a project that I want to finish and this makes it so much harder to do stuff. Do you know a way to fix it?

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I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m really understanding the situation for this?

Do you mean as in you wish there was simply a use of the keys WASD in the program or were there already a use for them but suddenly you’re unable to use the keybinding?

Yeah you can use WASD to navigate. Which is pretty helpful but now for some reason it doesnt work anymore

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Are you using a game keyboard? Is it possible that you have set the macros for your fps games? :thinking:

I mean it doesn’t matter what kind of keyboard I have. It’s doing the same thing (Btw the wasd is working fine on my laptop).

Is it not set in for some reason in ur keybind settings, or are the keybinds set, but simply not working?

I don’t even find it in the keybinds settings.

It should be under view, as pictured:

If it’s 100% not there, this is a problem to take up with someone smarter than me o3o

Nani. It’s not there. Hmmmm. Well I will try to reinstall the program and see if its gonna work. Thanks for the help.

Oh I know what happened. I used the link from the anicute email and that installed the 013 version not the newest one (which is 015). So I downloaded the trial version and activated it with the code. It should be updated in my opinion. I bought it last week and the 015 version is out for a while.